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HalfPriceAdventures.com is proud of our easy to use web site and our dependable service. We enjoy hearing from our customers. Below is just a few of the many responses we have received over the past few months.   We would like to hear from you, please send us an email and let us know what you think about our service and web site. Submit form is located at bottom of this page. Respectfully,  Richard Reed CEO/Owner

  • Mr. Reed- Thank you for providing outstanding service and prompt notification of the show change. If our whole Vegas trip goes this smoothly-we may have to just move in. Thanks again- R and H Orloff
  • My wife and four kids just returned from Vegas and i felt a note was in order for the excellent web site, easy to use and best of all the $622 you saved my family.  I have seen those other places along the strip, but when you see all the fees and funny taxes they add, your prices are the best by a mile.  Victor Cohen  NY
  • It took me less than two minutes to save us $188. Nothing could be easier. I really appreciate you making our twice yearly vegas trip the best. I spent more money in the casino than I should, but the tickets were great and our seats were perfect.  Amanda M  Chicago IL
  • Finally, i bought something on the Internet that not only was exactly as advertised, it was better. I am a first time user of your web site and I plan on buying many more tickets from you. Everything you explained on your web site worked exacting as you described and the show box office could not have been more helpful. We saw Humane Nature and it was perfect, best evening I ever had in Vegas. I will become your embassador to tell others of this great service.  Peter Devin Florida
  • I purchased 11 tickets for my group, we had the best time, we sat in the second row of the VIP section. I could not have been more impressed. The show was great, and I cannot wait to tell all my friends about your web site. David Hamilton
  • I wanted you to know I appreciate doing business with you. Many of the Vegas shows are overpriced.... Your website is a much more convenient process to buy discounted tickets than standing in line and trying to buy them the same day at those venues in Vegas.  W. Wong
  • Richard, I have received your response, and I would like to thank you for all of your help and discounts. Your company will get plenty of referral's from me. Again thanks. Regards, Nick Leggio
  • Dear Richard, thank you so much. I really appreciate your help. We will for sure use your website again to get tickets because of your awesome customer service!  Katharina
  • I just wanted to thank you. I bought two tickets to Rick Thomas for 65% off andwhen we arrived I was very surprised that our seats were in the front row! I'll use your site again. Brett P. Centennial CO
  • Wow, this was the easiest I ever bought anything online. Your service was great, instructions easy to follow and you guys saved me over $200 on two nights of tickets. Thanks.  Randy McBain 
  • thanks - have used and will continue to use you for our entertainment.  J Harrison
  • My family and I just got back from Christmas in Vegas and we used your web site three times. You saved my family of eight people over $440. I cannot thank you enough. What a great service and it was so easy to use. Thank you. Your newest loyal customers.  Gene K.  Dallas TX
  • This is the best company I have ever used on the Internet. It worked exactly as you have stated, no hidden fees or special costs as I have encountered with other ticket discount companies. It was perfect working with a professional company that delivers exactly what the say and you saved me bucks. Robert U.  Florida
  • Just returned from LV and this is the fourth time this year I used your web site. I must admit, each time I bought tickets it was a pleasure dealing with your company. The tickets were waiting at the box office, I showed them my code and ID and they walked me right in. My boss thought I had paid full price and was impressed. Thanks for providing this web site, it is outstanding.  Darrell S.  
  • I could not believe how easy you made ticket buying. I bought 5 tickets online, the confirmation was immediate, I took the confirmation code and my ID to the box office and they treated me like I had paid full price. Do not know how your company provides this service, but I am happy I found you. I will tell all my Vegas going friends. B. Phillips St. Louis Illinois
  • Last week while my family was in Vegas and we decided to stay an extra day because of the money your company saved us on show and tour tickets. Thank you.  Elena Chavez 
  • I used my cell phone, bought tickets from your web site 20 minutes before the show started. Went directly to the box office, showed them my phone email confirmation and my ID and was seated before the show started. What an impeccable service. Dont change a thing, you have a winner.  Barry Rutherford
  • I live in the UK, I bought tickets before I left on my trip. Followed your instructions you posted on the web page and when I arrived at the box office the tickets were waiting for me and they seated me in the center of the showroom, second row. It could not have been better if I paid full price. Your ticket program is #1 in my book. I will be back in six months, and cannot wait to use your service again. Lawrence A.  UK.
  • Love the selection and the prices. I checked your site out and matched to box office prices and you are right on. Bought tickets from you, fast, quick, and I loved the no standing in line. Bill H  Hawaii
  • Great site with outstanding prices. Not sure how you do it, but dont stop. My wife and 4 friends really enjoyed the savings. See you at New Years. The Sacramento Group
  • Finally a web site that honors their offers. I bought six tickets for three different shows and everything was perfect. Your system is flawless. Thank you, I will be telling everyone about your service. Wayne Smith, IO
  • A quick thank you for making our honeymoon in Vegas the best. We saved enough on your web site to buy a bigger wedding package. Awesome service. thank you.  Sam and Karen O.  
  • Last week was the fourth time I used your web site. Being a single person coming to Vegas I am tired of these fake discount ads or some 2 for 1 gimmicks. I really like the fact I can buy one ticket at a time and save 50%. Thanks and keep up the excellent service.  Kenneth SLC, Utah 
  • This is the best travel site I have ever seen or used. I saved $85 using your site. Best part, my brother in law bought from another socalled discount site and he paid $44 more than I did for the exact same tickets. The show was great, but seating next to them knowing they paid more was the best. Clarence J.  SF CA
  • My billiard team went to Vegas and we bought several of your half price tickets. What a slick way for us to save money. We got the confirmation code, went to the box office and they let us right in, no standing in a line.  William D  Houston TX
  • This is the second time I have bought from your company. You make it so easy for us to save a bunch. It is a pleasure to work with a company that has thought out the process and gives us a great deal. Belinda Stevens NY
  • Outstanding! I cannot say enough about your service. You offered a variety of half price tickets at exactly 1 / 2 the real box office price, and your web site was easy to use. You made our trip to Las Vegas the best by saving us over $160.   B. Walker  Chicago
  • Thank you for the phone call re: the show being cancelled, such personal service and attention to your customers is very much appreciated. Please change my reservations to Sunday @ 4:00pm. Charlotte B.
  • Wow, we paid 50% of the real price and our sets were in the fourth row center stage, what a great service.  THANKS. My friends bought their tickets months ahead of time from a travel agent and paid full price and they were seated 10 rows behind us. I never told them we only paid half price. I will be a loyal customer for many years.  Respectfully, Roger D. Dallas TX
  • great service and fast web site. I bought my tickets within two minutes, went down from my hotel room to the show, walked up to the box office and my tickets were already waiting on me. FAST, and easy, the best I have ever used on the Internet or anywhere. Keep up the excellent work.  Donna L.  Ohio
  • Found the show I wanted, selected the tickets, completed an easy form and it was done.  Four days later we went to the box office and the tickets were there and it was the second row seats dead center.  My friends thought I had spent a fortune, I forgot to tell them it was half price.  Wayne   Florida
  • I was told of your service last week just before we left to Vegas.  Once at Vegas I went to the concierge desk at my hotel and asked to use their computer.  To my surprise your service was fast and easy to use. We stayed four days and used your service twice and saved a bundle.  Thanks  Donna D and family
  • Beats standing in a line in the heat. Thank you for the best discount tickets I have ever gotten.  Bob S.  Los Angeles CA
  • Last week my company had a convention to attend in Las Vegas and I was lucky to find your web site.  After buying tickets for my entire staff and saved over $420, my employees never knew we used half price tickets. My group was seated directly in front, dead center and best of all directly one row in front of our competition.  The only thing I saw about your tickets was price and this is the first testimonial I have ever written in my life.  Thank you, from your newest loyal customer.  Benjamin Green
  • Best value of all Las Vegas ticket sites.  I sat next to my friends who paid full price and bought their tickets two months in advance. What a deal, thanks.  Bob and Vivian  TX
  • A friend of mine at my Rotary Club told me about your web site and on my last trip to Las Vegas I went online and got tickets and saved a lot, thank you. I never give endorsements but your web site was so easy to use, very well explained and no surprise charges.  A real blessing to the Internet. Ron T
  • Finally a web site that offers and good deal and delivers just as they said.  My hat is offer to your web site, service, and ease of use.  See you next trip.  Roland P.  Missouri
  • My sister told me about your web site and last weekend my family and I went to Las Vegas and saved over $289 using your web site.  Thank you for stretching our Las Vegas funds.  I cannot wait until you expand to many other cities.  Barb and Fred Thompson
  • I am writing this testimonial from my hotel room on the same lap top I just bought 10 tickets from you web site. Fast, easy and money saving is how I think you can best be described.  Thanks for outstanding service and pricing.   Darlene Foster
  • I sincerely want to thank you for providing one great web site that is honest, trustworthy and does exactly as stated. With you increase to selling tickets a few days in advance is going to be a huge asset to me and my friends.  Beverly Banks
  • WOW... I just bought my 50% off tickets from my house and I will not be in Vegas until Tuesday.  This new seven day in advance buying of discount tickets is the best.  Thanks for making my trip perfect and I have not even got to Vegas yet! Keep up the outstanding job of helping all of us enjoy Las Vegas.  Darrin  San Francisco, CA
  • You online buying system was very easy to follow and I easily saved over $120 buying tickets for my entire family. Thank you and I will be using your services many times more in upcoming Vegas trips.   Leonard T.  NY
  • Fast, quick and simple to use, your web site rocks. I will use your services this summer when I came back to Las Vegas.  Boomer CA
  • Finally someone built an easy to use, self explanation web site that tells me the full price, inventory and with no hidden fees or gimmicks.  Thank you.  Don Bishop  FL
  • It was a pleasure using your web site.  Fast, and the tickets were waiting just like you stated at the box office. Within seconds I was in my seat seating next to all those people that paid full price. HAHAHA  Robert Cohen  ILL
  • What a great way to save money and see shows, thanks for a great service.  Bob Helen T.  NC
  • You guys are the best...easy web site to use, and best of all I saved $100+ on two tickets, thanks.  Delores W.  CA
  • Using your web site has been a delight.  Great seats, saved my family over $100 and everything was exactly as described.  My sincere thanks for a quality web site company and service.  Hank O. 
  • Fantastic.  I will use your services many times in the future.  Everything went perfectly, it was a pleasure using a service online that did exactly as they advertised.  Keep up the great work. Your newest customer. Betty Konan WA
  • Thanks for the outstanding service.  Tickets were great, perfect seats and I saved a bundle.  Used your services twice now and it is the only way to buy tickets in Vegas.  Harold Davis  TX
  • Easy to use and the price was exactly like you quoted. I think you have a real winner.  I will use our service many times each year I visit Las Vegas. Ted Green  NY
  • I cannot believe how easy your web site is to use and save money.  My wife and four friends went to Vegas last month and used your service every night.  We saved over a thousand dollars on our trip. You guys are the best and we will tell all our friends.  Warren T  Oregon
  • Wow, I cannot believe how easy it was to get half price tickets.  You made me and my wife a believer.  We will be back every trip to Las Vegas to use your services.  Thanks.   Bob & Linda G. 
  • Your web site rocks.  I did not have to stand in line, just buy the tickets online, walk to the box office and they had my reservation.  It was awesome.   Johnny T  California
  • This past week my family arrived from London and was told by the concierge at the Bellagio about your web site.  I went online and within 2 minutes I bought the six discount tickets.  I have used discount ticket brokers before, but I hated to stand in line and wait.  This was fast and quick.  You offer a wonderful service.  I will tell all our friends about your company.  I hope you can expand to more cities.  Have a great day.  Harold D.  London, England
  • We bought the tickets from your web site from our hotel room on our lap top.  A couple hours later when we went down to the box office our tickets were waiting for us.  What could be better?  I did not expect this good of service if we had paid full price.  Thanks, a new loyal customer. Bernie Walker
  • I was a little skeptical about buying half price tickets online, but my friends had used your web site last month, so I decided to take a chance.  To my surprise this was easy than any ticket service I have ever used online, and it was at 50% off.  Please keep up the great work and I cannot wait for you to open up other cities. Cynthia S.  Dallas TX
  • You really delivered.  Everything went exactly as you explained, fast, easy and saved me bucks.  Thanks.  Glen T.
  • Great service, best prices, I will use your web site often.  Vegas, NV
  • A 50% savings and easy to use web site.  You have my vote for best web site.  Keep up the good work.  Donny McCullough
  • I was amazed how easy it was to save 50% off.  Thanks Gloria L. Oklahoma
  • I kept waiting for a hidden cost or some gimmick to charge me more money.  I was pleasantly surprised, tickets was really sold to me at 50% off and a very modest handling fee of $3.  You got a good deal going for everyone that goes to Vegas and wants to save money.  Dr. Robert S.  NY
  • I have used your web site three times and each time I am happy to report without any problems.  Each time I got a 50% off deal and the tickets were waiting on me when I arrived at the casino box office.  Thanks for the deals.  Eva Bowerman
  • It is a pleasure using your discount ticket service.  It worked as described and it was a real savings for our party of 10.  David Asher
  • I bought five tickets for me and my family and saved over $200.  What a blessing you made our trip to Las Vegas.  I will be using your system many times more in the future.  Ron. W.  Texas
  • I never have written a thank you letter for a web site before but your company has really inspired my faith in the Internet.  Your web site was a real pleasure to work with and your company delivered a great service.  It was so easy to get a 50% discount.  Thanks and please keep up the great service.  Frank Rodriguez  Mexico City, Mexico
  • Great discounts, thanks. Sheri Adams
  • Quick and easy to use, your web site is a blessing.  I never write a review or give a testimonial but your company is the true exception.  In less than two minutes I selected the six tickets I needed, paid for them and got a confirmation.  Did not have to stand in some boring line and wait.  This is great.  Congratulations on making one of the best web sites and services I have seen on the Internet.  You should  be very proud.  The Lawrence Family, NY
  • What a deal, within a couple minutes I saved over $150.  That is a huge savings for a family on a tight budget.  We appreciate your service. Jackie Turner  TX
  • This past weekend was our third trip to Vegas in the past six months.  To date, your web site has saved me and my family over $650.  Thanks, you really have allowed us to take in more shows each trip. Beverly and Chuck,  Chicago IL
  • Fast, easy and you saved my family over $140 on the first purchase.  You guys really know how to help a visitor.  Please keep up the good work.  Hal Davis
  • I keep waiting for the catch or add on fees and to my surprise, you site delivered me the tickets I wanted at the price you quoted and no surprises or add on fees.  I will be sure to use your site often and believe me, I am telling all my friends about this super deal.  Thanks.  Calvin G.  Tulsa, Oklahoma

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